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Jesse Jacoby

He had all the aspirations of a normal boy. He wanted to play football, though not the American version. He wanted to have a career. He wanted to get married someday, and he didn’t have any advantages to help him.
As it turned out, he achieved a great deal more. At 19, he began his career as a motivational speaker. When he was 23, he founded an international non-profit organization, and two years later he added …

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Competition and Teamwork: How to Keep Your Sales Team Competitive and Collaborative

One Comment | Anita Anand

The traditional sales model is often based on competition. Individual salespeople work territories or compete to see who can make the most sales and, in turn, earn the largest bonus. However, the traditional model is not always the best model. This is especially true when you have a small sales …

How to Have Effective Team Meetings

Jesse Jacoby

One of the biggest time-wasters in organizations today is meetings.
There are so many of them, that it can take an army of personal assistants to make sure that everyone arrives at the right place, and at the right time.
To say that there numerous books available about meetings would be an …

Critical Questions for Cultivating Winning Relationships

Jesse Jacoby

Have you ever been blindsided by a colleague’s words or actions? Or maybe been part of a team that spent more time complaining about others in the business rather than collaborating and solving the business decision at hand?
If you have answered “yes” to either or both questions then you are …

Is Your Organization Engaged in Self-Sabotage?

2 Comments | Jesse Jacoby

Productivity is becoming more important every day. Fundamentally, it means doing much more with much less. And to be sure, there is scope for making, not only workers, but also the environment in which they work more efficient.
You’ve probably noticed, for example, just how many organizations in both the public …

Criticism: Behind Closed Doors or in Plain Sight?

Jesse Jacoby
Criticism: Behind Closed Doors or in Plain Sight?

Nearly every company revolves around the central idea of team performance.  The synergy created by having multiple personalities and motivations can help any project be completed with efficiency and with quality results.  Naturally, there are some times when things may not go as smoothly as planned.  Indeed, if every effort …

Five Things Smart Leaders Should Do to Ensure Success

2 Comments | Jesse Jacoby

As a business leader you want to start each new year off on a positive note. And, you most definitely want to keep that momentum going throughout the year. But, what do you do after those first couple of weeks when the enthusiasm has worn off and everyone seems to …

All for One: Fostering a Passionate Workforce

Miles Hall
Passionate Employees

It should be no surprise that passionate employees are more productive than employees that are just trying to climb the corporate ladder. A great employee should be first and foremost passionate about his or her work, and then be passionate about the company he or she works for. So how …

Building a High-Performing Team Means Growing as a Leader

Sean Coyle

Conscientious leaders know that using team building strategy can be a powerful way to enhance team performance. Team building promotes trust, loyalty, and growth — when combined these elements create an environment where employees feel they are being challenged to perform to the very best of their abilities as individuals and collectively …

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