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Jesse Jacoby

Connecting with coworkers, clients and customers has never been easier. Gone are the days when we had to drive across town to chat with someone in a different office. When we run into a challenge or have a question regarding our work, we have a plethora of communication tools at our fingertips: email, text, instant messaging, and the list goes on.
Yet, how many times have you received an email response or stared at a text …

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Transform Your Culture Using Customer Experience Change Agents

Jesse Jacoby

Previously, we had explained the value of incorporating a change agents network as part of your overall change management program. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when Paul Hagen from Forrester contacted me to request an interview for his recent research report titled “How Customer Experience Change Agents Transform Culture.”  …

Engaging Employees to Drive Strategic Business Initiatives (White Paper)

Jesse Jacoby
Engaging Employees to Drive Strategic Business Initiatives (White Paper)

Many excellent change initiatives never get off the ground, stagnating just when they should be flowering. Why, after an enthusiastic start, do so many major change efforts—a new product rollout, international expansion, deployment of a new IT system—founder and organizations return to the pre-change state? It’s because companies focus disproportionately …

Change Management & Communications ROI Study Highlights

Jesse Jacoby

Towers Watson recently published their 2011/2012 Change and Communication ROI Study Report. Unlike their four previous reports, which focused solely on communications ROI, in this study they expanded their inquiry to include change management. This study encompassed 604 organizations, six global regions, and more than eight industries, and provided new …

Gartner’s Organizational Change Best Practices for Program Managers

Jesse Jacoby

In their recent research report, 10 Best Practices in Organizational Change for Project Managers (August 29, 2011), Gartner focuses on the fact that project and program managers struggle with coordinating effective, organizational change practices. This struggle is compounded by an increasing rate of structural change from activities such as mergers and reorganizations, …

Action Research and the "Change Management Effect"

Jesse Jacoby

Action Research is a method that seeks practical solutions to organizational challenges. But did you know that action research can also serve as a powerful change enabler?
In an upcoming issue of People & Strategy Journal Dr. Hadley Williams, Managing Director at Philadelphia-based Human Productivity, explains how action research …

Why Won’t They Listen?!

4 Comments | Jesse Jacoby

Just Because You’ve Communicated Doesn’t Mean They’ve Heard You
It’s not uncommon for project teams and executive sponsors to suffer from what’s known as the “curse of knowledge,” a term coined in the book Made to Stick. In a nutshell, the curse of knowledge is the psychological phenomenon where once you …

Employee Engagement is Key to Successful Large-Scale Change

Jesse Jacoby

According to a recent survey titled What Successful Transformations Share conducted by McKinsey (2010), maintaining strong leadership and energy for change among employees are two principles of success. When executed well, these principles reinforce one another. For example, when leaders focus on ensuring that frontline staff members feel a sense …

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