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Jesse Jacoby

He had all the aspirations of a normal boy. He wanted to play football, though not the American version. He wanted to have a career. He wanted to get married someday, and he didn’t have any advantages to help him.
As it turned out, he achieved a great deal more. At 19, he began his career as a motivational speaker. When he was 23, he founded an international non-profit organization, and two years later he added …

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Blueprint for Building an Internal Change Management Capability

One Comment | Jesse Jacoby
Building an Internal Change Capability

Everyone has heard the statistic. Two-thirds of all change initiatives fail to achieve their expected business benefits – a statistic that has stayed constant from the 1970s to the present. This failure rate represents billions of dollars in lost productivity, wasted resources, opportunity costs and rework—not to mention the negative …

Implementing Shared Services: Five Considerations

2 Comments | Jesse Jacoby

Companies have been served a wake up call in light of the recession and ongoing economic uncertainty.  They are being driven to become more efficient while at the same time improving levels of quality and service.  As a result, the shared services model is becoming an increasingly popular organizational structure …

Matrix Organization: At Best, a One-Off

Jesse Jacoby
Matrix Organization: At Best, a One-Off

Whenever volatility occurs in the market, companies start thinking about how to reorganize themselves so that they can cope with those changes effectively.
But since they’re trapped by traditional thinking, they tend to recycle old models rather than to create new ones.
One such model is matrix; and like so many that …

Change Management Insights from a Fortune 500 Apparel Company’s Restructuring

Jesse Jacoby

Recently, consulting firm Emergent partnered with a Fortune 500 apparel company to undertake the biggest business transformation in the company’s history. Below is a mini case study that provides insights from that project. Building upon its solid performance in 2012, the company chose to implement a new global structure designed to fuel …

Roadmap for Designing High-Performing Organizations

One Comment | Jesse Jacoby

Companies are frequently facing the need to restructure their organizations.  Changes in leadership, a shift in strategy, or changing factors within an organization often create the need for reorganizing. Organization design is one of the most powerful tools available to senior managers for shaping the direction of their organizations.
“Organization design” …

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