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Morag Barrett

Many managers would do well to quit their MBA program, (and quit Management by Bossing Around) to focus on their relationship skills. Maybe that manager is you.
But I’m not a people person!
Society is in a transition phase in terms of how relationships are valued in the workplace. The percentage of workers who come from the traditional “business is business” mindset is still large. However, as they approach retirement age the next generation is stepping forward, …

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Competition and Teamwork: How to Keep Your Sales Team Competitive and Collaborative

One Comment | Anita Anand

The traditional sales model is often based on competition. Individual salespeople work territories or compete to see who can make the most sales and, in turn, earn the largest bonus. However, the traditional model is not always the best model. This is especially true when you have a small sales …

An Underappreciated Motivational Method

Jesse Jacoby
An Underappreciated Motivational Method

Motivating employees seems to be a constant struggle for many leaders and managers. Try as they might, it seems to be a losing battle.
They’ve tried carrots – pay increases, bonuses, stock options, fewer hours, more days off, and just about every other perk they can think of. They’ve tried sticks, …

How a Higher Purpose Motivates

3 Comments | Jesse Jacoby

In 1959, Frederick Herzberg published his now famous two-factor theory of motivation. It articulated two categories of activities that occurred in organizations, and which defined what compelled people to be productive.
To this day, it continues to surprise organizations, managers, and scholars.
The factors were named hygienic and non-hygienic.
Hygienic factors were those …

Treating Employees Like Shareholders

Jesse Jacoby

Much is made of delivering value to shareholders. Ask any senior director, manager or member of the board what his or her goal is in the company, and that will be the most likely response. It’s predictable, and it’s a cop-out. More on that in a moment.
The term shareholder refers …

Building a High-Performing Team Means Growing as a Leader

Sean Coyle

Conscientious leaders know that using team building strategy can be a powerful way to enhance team performance. Team building promotes trust, loyalty, and growth — when combined these elements create an environment where employees feel they are being challenged to perform to the very best of their abilities as individuals and collectively …

How to Use Storytelling Technique to Communicate Your Vision

One Comment | Jesse Jacoby

Previously, we addressed how to create a powerful future vision. Equally important is how that vision gets communicated to your people. This is where the art and skill of storytelling becomes very important. Done well, storytelling can be a powerful catalyst for driving transformational change. Effective leaders tell stories that …

Creating a Powerful Future Vision for Your Business Transformation

One Comment | Jesse Jacoby

Any business transformation is destined to fail without a powerful vision of the future. A well-crafted vision is central to aligning the workforce to a company’s strategic program and motivating people to make change happen.
To be effective, the future vision must take into account the current realities of the enterprise, but …

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