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Jesse Jacoby

He had all the aspirations of a normal boy. He wanted to play football, though not the American version. He wanted to have a career. He wanted to get married someday, and he didn’t have any advantages to help him.
As it turned out, he achieved a great deal more. At 19, he began his career as a motivational speaker. When he was 23, he founded an international non-profit organization, and two years later he added …

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Course Corrections: An Alternative to Organizational Reinvention

One Comment | Jesse Jacoby

Many believe that organizations have to continually reinvent themselves in order to keep up with all that is changing around them. They point to the fact that those who cling to the status quo eventually die or are acquired by those who don’t, and they often – quite proudly – …

Organizational Transformation: Change the Music to Change the Dance

Erika Jacobi

Deep organizational transformation is a combination of changed processes, procedures and behavior. While changing procedures may be relatively easy, transformation processes often stall a missing consequential behavioral change.
A different dance
“If you want a different dance, change the music.” This African proverb reminds us: If you want to stimulate different actions, …

Bridging The Management Gap

Jeff Shuck

Traditionally, we view promotions as a linear progression through a company–starting in the mail room, for instance, and working your way up to an office corner. However, a recent study by Gallup has shown that only one in ten workers have the necessary skills to manage others, and a mere …

Getting Past Re-Engagement

Jesse Jacoby
Employee RE-Engagement

Nearly three out of four Americans say that they’re bored at work.*  They feel that their knowledge, skills and abilities aren’t being used, and that their companies don’t care.
To give you an idea of the size of the problem, imagine that instead of boredom, they were all too sick to even …

Fear of Decision-Making (a Rabbit in the Headlights)

Jesse Jacoby
Fear of Decision-Making (a Rabbit in the Headlights)

In corporate circles, there’s a phenomenon known as the last mile.
This problem was initially identified in the telecommunications industry, and it was this: How can you get a signal to the end of the line that’s as strong as it is at the beginning.
This is especially true today with internet …

Making Management Simple

Jesse Jacoby

[Excerpt from HBR Blog Network]
Complexity is not a new condition. While it’s true that many aspects of life have become more densely connected and unpredictable, the fact is that our world is inherently complex. Most of the environments we move in and tasks we perform require us to deal with …

Building a High-Performing Team Means Growing as a Leader

Sean Coyle

Conscientious leaders know that using team building strategy can be a powerful way to enhance team performance. Team building promotes trust, loyalty, and growth — when combined these elements create an environment where employees feel they are being challenged to perform to the very best of their abilities as individuals and collectively …

Four Tips for Managers to Resolve Employee Conflicts


In a work place where all employees are engaged and committed to the company, conflicts and disagreements are inevitable. Culture, ideas, and other personal issues might clash that will result to undesirable employ conflicts. No matter how much we try to avoid this, the scenario is really unavoidable. When this …

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