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Jesse Jacoby

In his book, Seeing What Others Don’t, Gary Klein retells the story of a seminar attendee. It illustrates perfectly the contrast between what managers should and should not do if they want to be fully engaged with their employees.
The person in question said that when she went into her boss’ office, he was focused on his computer screen; but as soon as he saw that she had come in, he stopped what he was doing …

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Getting Past Re-Engagement

Jesse Jacoby
Employee RE-Engagement

Nearly three out of four Americans say that they’re bored at work.*  They feel that their knowledge, skills and abilities aren’t being used, and that their companies don’t care.
To give you an idea of the size of the problem, imagine that instead of boredom, they were all too sick to even …

Treating Employees Like Shareholders

Jesse Jacoby

Much is made of delivering value to shareholders. Ask any senior director, manager or member of the board what his or her goal is in the company, and that will be the most likely response. It’s predictable, and it’s a cop-out. More on that in a moment.
The term shareholder refers …

Work-Life “Balance” Isn’t the Point

Jesse Jacoby

[Excerpt from HBR Blog Network]
Climbing the organizational ladder often requires employees to work long hours and deal with difficult and complex issues. Some days on the job are likely fun and positive and other days are tension-filled and stressful. A common dilemma for many people is how they manage all …

High-Performance Culture: Getting It, Keeping It

Jesse Jacoby
High-Performance Culture: Getting It, Keeping It

Culture is hot. In our discussions and work with leaders in business, government, and not-for-profit organizations, we have observed a markedly increasing emphasis on culture—for a host of reasons.
Leaders trying to reshape their organization’s culture are asking: How can we break down silos and become more collaborative or innovative? Others, …

Are You Running the Right Talent Race?

Jesse Jacoby

A Metaphor
Imagine that you’re competing in a marathon. You’ve been diligently preparing for it for a long time. You’ve trained. You’ve recruited the people that you felt you needed to help you perform at the highest standard possible, and now you’re in that race.
But like almost everyone else in this competition, …

Strategic Use of Tuition Assistance Programs

2 Comments | Jesse Jacoby

While there are many potential benefits of tuition assistance programs (or TAPs), the challenge for business leaders is to manage investments in employee education in a way that maximizes returns–both for the employer and the employee. Not only does a TAP need to encourage the development of specific skills in …

Why Newly Appointed Leaders Fail and How to Avoid It

Jesse Jacoby
New Leader Failure & How to Avoid It

Whether a company promotes a successful candidate from within – appointing someone to a new or lateral role – or selects a candidate from outside the organization, the company has confidence that a new leader’s skills and experience can meet the challenges of the job.  However, consider this startling statistic …

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