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Jesse Jacoby

Many believe that organizations have to continually reinvent themselves in order to keep up with all that is changing around them. They point to the fact that those who cling to the status quo eventually die or are acquired by those who don’t, and they often – quite proudly – point to themselves as the poster child of what effective organizational change looks like.
All is not what it seems, however.
The truth is that whether organizations …

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Organizational Transformation: Change the Music to Change the Dance

Erika Jacobi

Deep organizational transformation is a combination of changed processes, procedures and behavior. While changing procedures may be relatively easy, transformation processes often stall a missing consequential behavioral change.
A different dance
“If you want a different dance, change the music.” This African proverb reminds us: If you want to stimulate different actions, …

7 Tips to Stay Balanced While Facing Your Vulnerabilities

Erika Jacobi

When it comes to organizational change, the majority of literature and blog articles focuses on how to set-up effective procedures so that the planned initiatives create the desired results. The sheer number of such contributions seems to infer that change is easy and can be planned effectively, given the right …

Insights Into Large-Company Change Capabilities

Jesse Jacoby
White Paper - Large-Company Change Management Capabilities

Jesse Jacoby and the Emergent team recently interviewed 28 change leaders at large companies to better understand their internal change management capabilities. While not a statistically significant sample, the insights provide valuable perspective on the evolving practice of enterprise change management within large companies.
The companies represented have revenues ranging from $5 to$137 …

Secrets to Business Transformation Success

Jesse Jacoby

“Business “transformation” is a hot topic — search the term on Google  and you’ll return more than a million results. In a recent survey conducted by Forbes Insights/KPMG, 93% of the more than 900 respondents said that they have just completed, are planning or are in the midst of a business transformation.  
But what is …

Change Management vs. Change Leadership: What’s the Difference?

Jesse Jacoby
Change Management vs. Change Leadership: What’s the Difference?

[Excerpt from]
John Kotter is often asked about the difference between “change management” and “change leadership,” and whether it’s just a matter of semantics. These terms are not interchangeable. The distinction between the two is actually quite significant.
Change management, which is the term most everyone uses, refers to a set …

Does Change Have to be Painful?

Jesse Jacoby
Does Change Have to be Painful?

Corporate leaders’ jobs are hardly easy.  They must efficiently manage employees, account for outside competition, note any changes in the industry landscape and if necessary, profoundly modify the operational model a business should employ.   Ironically, most leaders shrug in defiance at such duties due to their seemingly complex nature.  However, …

Change Management Insights from a Fortune 500 Apparel Company’s Restructuring

Jesse Jacoby

Recently, consulting firm Emergent partnered with a Fortune 500 apparel company to undertake the biggest business transformation in the company’s history. Below is a mini case study that provides insights from that project. Building upon its solid performance in 2012, the company chose to implement a new global structure designed to fuel …

Strengthen Your Change Management Effort with a Health Check

Jesse Jacoby

If you’ve been involved in a business transformation program you know that sustaining change on a large-scale over time can be very difficult. This is especially true for programs that require a lengthy implementation period such as ERP implementations and multi-year enterprise cost-cutting programs. The progress generated by short-term wins …

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