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Jesse Jacoby

Connecting with coworkers, clients and customers has never been easier. Gone are the days when we had to drive across town to chat with someone in a different office. When we run into a challenge or have a question regarding our work, we have a plethora of communication tools at our fingertips: email, text, instant messaging, and the list goes on.
Yet, how many times have you received an email response or stared at a text …

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Course Corrections: An Alternative to Organizational Reinvention

One Comment | Jesse Jacoby

Many believe that organizations have to continually reinvent themselves in order to keep up with all that is changing around them. They point to the fact that those who cling to the status quo eventually die or are acquired by those who don’t, and they often – quite proudly – …

What’s So Great about Business Transformation?

Jesse Jacoby

Now there’s a question.
Business transformation has been with us for more than 30 years. It began under the guise of re-engineering in the 1980s and, like nearly every other “new” management tool, has been simply renamed as time has gone along.
This can be easily borne out by a looking at …

Cultivating Strong Project Sponsorship

Jesse Jacoby

As discussed in Secrets to Business Transformation Success, successful projects are characterized by six things: a well-defined governance structure, strong sense of urgency, active sponsorship from leaders, engagement across all organizational levels, alignment with the organization’s existing systems and structures, and strategies for sustaining changes over the long term.
Of these six characteristics, sponsorship is one of the most fundamental factors and …

Secrets to Business Transformation Success

Jesse Jacoby

“Business “transformation” is a hot topic — search the term on Google  and you’ll return more than a million results. In a recent survey conducted by Forbes Insights/KPMG, 93% of the more than 900 respondents said that they have just completed, are planning or are in the midst of a business transformation.  
But what is …

Change Management Insights from a Fortune 500 Apparel Company’s Restructuring

Jesse Jacoby

Recently, consulting firm Emergent partnered with a Fortune 500 apparel company to undertake the biggest business transformation in the company’s history. Below is a mini case study that provides insights from that project. Building upon its solid performance in 2012, the company chose to implement a new global structure designed to fuel …

Creating a Powerful Future Vision for Your Business Transformation

One Comment | Jesse Jacoby

Any business transformation is destined to fail without a powerful vision of the future. A well-crafted vision is central to aligning the workforce to a company’s strategic program and motivating people to make change happen.
To be effective, the future vision must take into account the current realities of the enterprise, but …

Ensuring Success for Large-Scale Business Transformations

Jesse Jacoby

CxOs are often looking for the “secret sauce” that will ensure success of their large-scale business transformation. After all, they’ve budgeted millions of dollars for the initiative, identified a team to drive the effort, and targeted tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions, of dollars in cost savings.
While there …

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