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Morag Barrett

Many managers would do well to quit their MBA program, (and quit Management by Bossing Around) to focus on their relationship skills. Maybe that manager is you.
But I’m not a people person!
Society is in a transition phase in terms of how relationships are valued in the workplace. The percentage of workers who come from the traditional “business is business” mindset is still large. However, as they approach retirement age the next generation is stepping forward, …

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Best Practice? Who Says?

Jesse Jacoby

History is a funny thing. For one reason or another, it keeps repeating itself.
Despite the fact that world knowledge is accelerating – it’s doubling at the rate of about once per year – many have forgotten to put on their “thinking caps.”
Mindlessly, it seems, they have embraced what has become …

Five Most Common Change Management Mistakes Companies Make

One Comment | Jesse Jacoby
Five Most Common Change Management Mistakes Companies Make

We are occasionally asked about mistakes that we see companies make related to organizational change management. In reflecting back over several years and many client engagements, below are the most common mistakes that we have seen.
1) Short-Cutting the Change Process
Change is a process, not a single event. Organizational change does not …

Engaging Employees to Drive Strategic Business Initiatives (White Paper)

Jesse Jacoby
Engaging Employees to Drive Strategic Business Initiatives (White Paper)

Many excellent change initiatives never get off the ground, stagnating just when they should be flowering. Why, after an enthusiastic start, do so many major change efforts—a new product rollout, international expansion, deployment of a new IT system—founder and organizations return to the pre-change state? It’s because companies focus disproportionately …

Gartner’s Organizational Change Best Practices for Program Managers

Jesse Jacoby

In their recent research report, 10 Best Practices in Organizational Change for Project Managers (August 29, 2011), Gartner focuses on the fact that project and program managers struggle with coordinating effective, organizational change practices. This struggle is compounded by an increasing rate of structural change from activities such as mergers and reorganizations, …

The Road to Change is Paved with Good Intentions

3 Comments | Jesse Jacoby
The Road to Change is Paved with Good Intentions

Often the good intentions of leaders can morph into unintended consequences for employees when preparing to implement a large-scale business initiative (note: by large-scale we mean impacting many stakeholders). Why does this happen? In our experience, many well-intentioned leaders fail to fully appreciate the extent of the “downstream” impacts their …

Use Mind and Heart Appeal to Create a Sense of Urgency

5 Comments | Jesse Jacoby
Use Mind and Heart Appeal to Create a Sense of Urgency

Establishing a sense of urgency at all levels of the organization is a necessary first step in gaining the cooperation required to drive a significant change effort. Half of the companies that fail to affect needed change make their mistakes at the very beginning by not creating an appropriate sense …

How to Conduct High-Impact Focus Groups

6 Comments | Jesse Jacoby

Our last article discussed how to conduct effective stakeholder interviews for the purpose of developing your organizational change strategy. This week we address a second important method of gathering qualitative data from stakeholders: focus groups.
Focus groups are an interactive way to get cross-functional perspectives on a single issue and can …

Five Steps for Conducting Effective Stakeholder Interviews

One Comment | Jesse Jacoby
5 Steps for Conducting Effective Stakeholder Interviews

Interviewing stakeholders, along with focus groups and surveys, is one of the primary methods of gathering qualitative data. Insights gleaned from stakeholder interviews provide the basis for stakeholder analysis and prioritization and serve as a critical step in formulating an effective organizational change strategy. Stakeholder interviews done well yield many …

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