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Jesse Jacoby

He had all the aspirations of a normal boy. He wanted to play football, though not the American version. He wanted to have a career. He wanted to get married someday, and he didn’t have any advantages to help him.
As it turned out, he achieved a great deal more. At 19, he began his career as a motivational speaker. When he was 23, he founded an international non-profit organization, and two years later he added …

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Building Strong Stakeholder Relationships (with Tools to Help)

Jesse Jacoby

[Below is one of the 21 modules from Savvy Transition, a program that helps leaders be successful in their roles. If you like this content, check out the complete program at]
A stakeholder is anyone who shares (or might share) one or more of your objectives or goals—in other words, …

Five Reasons People Don’t Like Change

Carolyn Reid
Five Reasons People Don’t Like Change

Projects are about improving or fixing things. So it should be easy to get people excited about the change that comes from the completion of a project, right? Not really. People don’t like change. Maintaining status quo is easier. Here are some top reasons people are resistant to change:
Our brains …

On Empathy and Leadership

Jesse Jacoby
On Empathy and Leadership

Time for a vocabulary test.
What’s the difference between sympathy and empathy?
Think about it. If you don’t know the difference, then you’ll gain nothing from this article.
The problem is that the two words are now used interchangeably, as synonyms for each other. Even thinks they’re the same. But when you …

“But I Don’t Want a New Computer!” A Lesson in Change Resistance and Productivity

One Comment | Jesse Jacoby
Stubborn Mule

How often have you heard someone say they didn’t want a new computer when you announced that the old ones would be replaced? At the risk of sounding like an ageist, those under 35 probably cheered; those 35-50 may have smiled, and at least some of those who still had …

Change Your Stories, Change Your Organization

Jesse Jacoby

Organizational narratives are the manifestation of the shared beliefs an organization holds about itself as a collective. “Our organization stands for innovation,” is a common example; “This will never work here, we are too conservative for that” yet another. Corporate narratives that deal with the collective view the organization holds …

The Power of Presence

Jesse Jacoby
The Power of Presence

Deadlines, conference calls, last minute items that pop up, personal commitments—there is a multitude of things that we have to accomplish each day.  It is easy to fall into the habit of just crossing things off of our to do list, without being fully present as we get them done.
Of …

Five Effective Strategies to Tackle Change

Jesse Jacoby

Just as with any business decision that affects the bottom line, there are various reasons that a company will decide to employ a change management strategy. Every business, no matter the size or industry, faces both internal and external pressures that influence short-term and long-term strategies.
External pressures may include shifting …

The Importance of Strategic Velocity for Leaders

Jesse Jacoby

In physics, Velocity is known as an object’s rate of change with respect to its location. Velocity is not the same thing as speed. Speed is very important when it comes to the time-value of money, bandwidth, profits, and costs. The problem with using speed as a measure of progress …

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