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Morag Barrett

Many managers would do well to quit their MBA program, (and quit Management by Bossing Around) to focus on their relationship skills. Maybe that manager is you.
But I’m not a people person!
Society is in a transition phase in terms of how relationships are valued in the workplace. The percentage of workers who come from the traditional “business is business” mindset is still large. However, as they approach retirement age the next generation is stepping forward, …

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Jesse Jacoby

The Editor of Emergent Journal and founder of Emergent, Jesse is a recognized expert in business transformation. He and his team partner with Fortune 500 and mid-market companies to deliver successful people and change strategies. Jesse is the creator of the Accelerating Change & Transformation (ACT) model and developer of Change Accelerator and Savvy Transition. Contact Jesse at 303-883-5941 or

Building Strong Stakeholder Relationships (with Tools to Help)

Jesse Jacoby

[Below is one of the 21 modules from Savvy Transition, a program that helps leaders be successful in their roles. If you like this content, check out the complete program at]
A stakeholder is anyone who shares (or might share) one or more of your objectives or goals—in other words, …

How to Manage Talent

Jesse Jacoby

While there’s some doubt now as to whether or not Calvin Coolidge coined this saying, the advice still holds true:
“Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. …

The Management of Organizational Culture

Jesse Jacoby

It’s been suggested that successful change can be better achieved by working with or within the culture of organizations rather than against it. On the face of it, this seems to be so obvious that there’s no need to mention it all. But as Sherlock Holmes once observed, “There’s nothing …

What’s So Great about Business Transformation?

Jesse Jacoby

Now there’s a question.
Business transformation has been with us for more than 30 years. It began under the guise of re-engineering in the 1980s and, like nearly every other “new” management tool, has been simply renamed as time has gone along.
This can be easily borne out by a looking at …

How 80/20 Inhibits Change

One Comment | Jesse Jacoby
How 80/20 Inhibits Change

Pareto’s 80/20 Law teaches us how to get the greatest results. In a nutshell, it tells us that we get 80% of our results from 20% of our efforts. The flip side is also true. We expend 80% of our efforts in order to squeeze out the remaining 20%. The …

Five Ways to Make Your Teams Ineffective

Jesse Jacoby
Five Ways to Make Your Teams Ineffective

Best-selling author, Mark Batterson, has said that “you can do nothing wrong and still do nothing right.”
When it comes to making teams effective, it could be that as far as you’re concerned you’re not doing anything wrong; and yet for some reason you’re still not getting the results that you …

An Underappreciated Motivational Method

Jesse Jacoby
An Underappreciated Motivational Method

Motivating employees seems to be a constant struggle for many leaders and managers. Try as they might, it seems to be a losing battle.
They’ve tried carrots – pay increases, bonuses, stock options, fewer hours, more days off, and just about every other perk they can think of. They’ve tried sticks, …

Capitalizing on a Creative Culture

Jesse Jacoby
Creative Culture

In the book The Competitive Advantage of Nations, Michael Porter suggests that differentiation is one way that companies can set themselves apart from competitors. While some advantage may be possible at a national level due to inherent natural resources, for example, we now know that this, as well as all …

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